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Savings Secured Loan Rates

Savings Secured Loan Rates

Savings Secured Loans Rates
Loan TypeTermAdjustable
These rates are current as of today.
Share/Savings Secured1Up to 120 months2.00%2
Credit Builder/Savings BuilderUp to 60 months4.00%2
Certificate Secured3Up to 60 months2.00%4

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1Variable rate. Fully secured against primary savings. Rates may be increased or decreased on the existing unpaid balances. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for share/savings secured advances will be 2% above the current dividend rate being paid on the primary savings account which may vary. See savings rates for current dividend rate on savings.

2Above the current primary savings account earnings rate.

3Fully secured until certificate maturity. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be the dividend rate being paid on the certificate being offerred as security plus 2%. The advance will be made for the length of the certificate only. The certificate must be renewed until the advance is completely paid. Failure to renew the certificate will result in default under the Plan. When the certificate is renewed the APR will change to reflect the new dividend rate. IRA Certificates and Certificates under a Trust Account are not eligible to be pledged as collateral for a Certificate Secured Subaccount.

4Above the highest earnings rate on the certificate.

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