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Our Family of Credit Unions

An exciting movement within our industry

Guardians One Family of Credit Unions

We're making history with Guardians One Family of Credit Unions, an exciting movement within our industry!

Several years ago and after many brainstorming sessions, we developed a growth strategy for Guardians Credit Union whereby we would partner, not merge, with other credit unions to collectively provide members with better service. It's no secret that many credit unions are facing challenges as they try to stay competitive with other financial institutions. However, credit unions and their cooperative principles are such an asset to their communities and the members they serve. It is what truly sets us apart from the big banks. We know you by name, help you finance your first car, and participate in our local charity events. It's this same credit union spirit that we knew we needed to maintain for the next generations to have access to!

This was the beginning of Guardians One Family of Credit Unions! We decided to make a commitment to our partner credit unions by preserving their brand and their identity after a merger. After all, it is this identity that their members and their community have come to know and trust — it is what they connect most with. And, this strategy has worked! In the last three years, we have partnered with two local credit unions to grow together!

We're truly honored to be part of this movement and are excited for our members to be along on this journey with us!