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Introducing Guardians Credit Union

On duty for you.

Introducing Guardians Credit Union

Over the past eight months, we've been working on a pretty significant change — a new name and a new brand! Your credit union is not changing anything but our name and our brand to better reflect the members we serve.

We want to announce where this journey has taken us. We want to thank the many members who have participated in our surveys and provided great feedback as we went through this journey. It was an exhaustive process with reviews and perspectives across every facet of our organization.

We were founded in 1953 by the very people who keep our community running safely — city and county workers. Even now that we've expanded our membership to more regions, our core values reflect the same desire to keep your life running smoothly. We are "on duty for you" to bring the greatest level of security, understanding, and reliability you could ask for.

We feel that our new name truly captures what we are about — protectors of our members' financial future. We have a new name, a new brand, a new website, and a new brand promise that best reflects our commitment to you: "On duty for you."

There is a renewed emphasis on the need to keep our eyes out and protect each other. That's exactly how the credit union feels about our role for you. As of January 19, we are officially Guardians Credit Union!

Name Change FAQ

Why did we change our name?
By selecting our new name, we have made an investment in our future and have provided a foundation for growth in the years ahead.
Will my account number stay the same?
Yes. All account numbers will remain the same.
My checks, debit card, and credit card say PBCCU, will they still work?
Yes, there is no need to worry if you still have checks, deposit slips, and debit and credit cards with the PBCCU name on them. We will replace checks and cards as they expire in order to be fiscally and ecologically responsible.
I have a loan at the credit union, who should I make the check out to now?
If you make loan payments by check, you can now use Guardians Credit Union, but we will still accept checks made payable to PBCCU.
Will the credit union's website change?
Yes, the new domain name is, but will continue to work throughout 2016 as members update their browser and default information. We will be using the same website system and online banking, only the "look" will change.